“Courage is, with love, the greatest gift. We are, each of us, defeated many times – but if we accept defeat with cheerfulness, and learn from it, and try another way – then we will find fulfillment.” ~Rosanne Ambrose -Brown

Capturing the moment.  Enjoying & Discovering Life.  Having fun with Fashion and learning about what inspires us all, while inspiring others.

A little explanation with the names.  We named each picture, based on the location and/or where the picture was taken.  Example, the name “Griffith Park…LA” means the picture was taken from Griffith Park, and the picture is a view of LA and so on…If it only has one name, the picture was taken from the city, state, country, and so on…

Now, just click on any of the pictures to explore and discover life’s blessing…beautiful, exciting, and peaceful photos we have discovered for you.  Enjoy!